All of our staff are committed to providing the very best education possible to ensure that the students develop a love of learning.

We are proud of the expertise we have amongst our staff team and are continually evaluating our practice and relentlessly striving to further improve our provision.

Ramsden Hall Academy Staffing Structure – September 2020

Executive Headteacher

Mr M Jordan   Executive Headteacher

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs E Baker   Headteacher/SENCO
Mr A Stanford   Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Wells   Deputy Headteacher
Ms T Cordrey   Head of Residential/Care

Safeguarding Leads

Mrs C Parker   Designated Safeguard Lead
Ms T Cordrey   Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead

Safeguarding Team

Mrs E Baker   Headteacher/SENCO
Mr A Stanford   Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Stanford   Deputy Headteacher
Mrs C Parker   Designated Safeguard Lead
Ms T Cordrey   Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead
Mrs E Cooper   Behaviour Co-ordinator
Miss S Farrow   Parent/Carer Liaison Assistant

Teaching Staff

Mrs A Baker   English
Ms S Barrett   Lead Teacher - Marking & Feedback, Life Skills & Forest Schools Teacher
Mrs S Beswick   English & SEND Lead
Mr D Birch   PE (Instructor)
Mr C Bosdet   Design, technology & Construction (Instructor)
Mr S Burlton   Access
Mr R Carter   Outdoor Education (Instructor)
Mrs J Charters   Lead Teacher of Quality First & English Teacher
Mrs J Cowley   Art (Instructor)
Mrs V Eldred   Ready to Learn & PE
Mr M Hindman   Design, Technology & Construction
Mr R Hodgson   Head of PE
Miss H Johnson   Animal Care & Ready to Learn (Instructor)
Mr T Lane   Lead Teacher - Data & ICT Teacher, and Data Protection Representative
Mr P Makinde   PE (Instructor)
Miss L Nielson   Ready to Learn
Miss K Rainford (Dickson)   Lead Teacher for Therapeutic Provision & Ready to Learn
Mr A Robbins   Maths & Horticulture Lead
Mrs V Russell   Food Technology (Instructor)
Mrs C Turner   Science & Maths


Mrs E Cooper   Behaviour Co-ordinator
Mrs A McIver   Transition Manager
Mrs C Parker   Engagement Manager, Designated Safeguard Lead & Child Protection Officer 

Higher Learning Support Assistants

Mrs K Ashton   Higher Learning Support Assistant
Miss N Cashman   Higher Learning Support Assistant & Stationery
Ms V Thakoordin   Higher Learning Support Assistant
Mrs T Walker   Higher Learning Support Assistant & Displays

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs L Collett   Learning Support Assistant
Miss S Farrow   Learning Support Assistant
Miss E Field   Learning Support Assistant
Mr O Gemmell   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs N Howard   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Lynn   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Wren   Learning Support Assistant


Mr M Baker   Care Officer - Night Awake
Mrs V Brown   Care Officer
Ms T Cordrey   Head of Residential/Care
Mrs C Evenett   Senior Care Officer
Miss N Ives   Care Officer
Mrs I McNally   Medical Officer
Mrs S Perry   Senior Care Officer
Ms P Wright   Care Officer  


Post Vacant   Premises Assistant
Mrs L Payne   Laundress
Mr D Poulter   Premises Manager


Mrs S Clarke   Assistant Cook
Mrs A Chirica   Kitchen Assistant
Mrs E Hawkes   Head Cook
Mrs P Lucas   Assistant Cook
Mrs Z Russell   Catering Manager

Operational Administration (HR, Pupil Attendance/Support, Operational Admin)

Miss E Cadogan   Receptionist/Administrator & Exams Administrator
Mrs C Flaherty   Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs J Quilter   Operations Manager (HR Administration)


Mrs L Mayhew   Finance Assistant

IT Support

Mr K Richards   IT Strategic Operations Manager
Mr M Tilsley   2nd Line IT Engineer

Online Tutoring/Pathways

Ms L Corrigan   Co-ordinator & Tutor
Mrs C Houghton   Tutor
Miss E Thorpe   Tutor
Miss K Sheffield   Tutor